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总裁的无实妻|神采飞扬中国郎"Generals of jingzhou... Oh ~ "at CAI microbloggers, shook his head, not talking, CAI rate army northward, jingzhou all by Liu Pan against jiangdong, although Liu Pan yong, but to guard that changsha area, liu table side can count cronies and only general Wang Weike comparable to use to guard xiangyang, can't give yourself, microbloggers to liu bei, does need, and also to prevent the CAI home to permeate jiangxia.Silence of the night sky, dilapidated village gate, teams of Montenegro thief patrol to and fro, zhang yan in the war and has its own set of otherwise impossible in Carthage, cao cao also caught between these two governors in living for so many years, in so doing, also to tightens neural tube hai, also belong to a kind of exhausted soldiers, the Cao Caore use this method to deal with lyu3 bu4, lyu3 bu4 may not come to xuzhou, didn't also the rule of northwest of northwest 虓 tiger today.

"Death row! This time, lv bu was really angry, fang tianhua ji built on xu chu's sledgehammer, forced a twist, xu chu's sledgehammer almost out of hand but not, try my best to see the resistance of the strange force."Well!"Others do not know jiang xu this moment in the mind of all the thoughts, many people envy jiang xu one step to the sky, no one doubt, as long as jiang xu will be integrated state governance, the temporary generation before the integration of two words is only a matter of time.总裁的无实妻|"Maybe." Lombardi gently shook his head and look at zhang he said: "the pecking order, but show, although the intrepid, domineering, like rate, show just pick me up, I stand at the moment all the turmoil, cao" and the northwest 虓 tiger tiger, if my death, two men will be teamed up to attack, JiZhou, can't afford to internal friction, our righteousness, and I have the wish to entrust to you, hope our righteousness."

总裁的无实妻|The devil!"The crossbow could be improved a bit, I'll say. One would be a large, ballet-like device that could keep firing more and more arrows, and the other would be to keep it as light as possible without increasing the number of rounds.""Not a scholar." The steward shook his head: "listen to the people in the house from the words, this person is the royal family, the emperor's uncle, and the Lord is an equal."

"Lord, where?" Xiongkuo sea with lv bu side, puzzled asked.This is not alarmist, think lu bu in chang 'an first year, how many nanyang people in the winter was frozen to death alive? That is still nest in the home, meng jin jingzhou soldiers can not much winter reserves, the cold and frozen with acclimate, not to say all frozen to death, but also can be frozen to lose combat effectiveness, how with lu bu under the command of these strong soldiers?"Zhaoyun, ganning! Gao shunshen voice channel.总裁的无实妻|





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