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ons经历|单眼天珠"Well? Any news?" Han sui waved his hand so that he wouldn't have to salute, then looked at liang xing anxiously and asked."Roar ~" roar roar, the man struggled to open three scimitars, body slip, through skillful riding, hiding in the belly of the horse, followed by the scimitar hit the horse hard above."I ask you, where is my lady?" A shrew pawn direct the wen pin turn over, fierce spirit evil spirit of ask a way.

Three hundred a title of generals in ancient times the guard as set out to protect the lyu3 bu4 slowly walking in the street, to meet the ten thousand people of attention, however, the big fellow of braganza, must be the identity of the wife, even if fail now han, but as long as the orthodox position is on this side of the han people, cannot change the rules, if later put a few dynasties, lyu3 bu4 to take princess, would not have other women, but in this troubled times, even if it is rules, lyu3 bu4 won't be ignored.Whew ~"DE jong, please hand over the things under your hands. Tomorrow you will go to xiliang to take office. After the handover, go and have a rest." Chen gong looked up at zhang and smiled.ons经历|"Look at the size, 30,000 troops." Lv bu put down his hand and shook his head: "send more scouts to closely monitor the movements of the huns."

ons经历|Front lu bu obviously also saw the flag here, the speed gradually slowed down, a moment, ma chao three people have appeared in front of lu bu, to lu bu.< / p > < p > qin hu speed and xiongnu discord, liu bao did not expect, but first zero, must not let lv bu got, at this time liu bao just see clearly, this lv bu to hetao, is clearly to deal with his huns, his tolerance, but missed the best opportunity to drive lu bu out of hetao."Han sui took some of the eight thousand soldiers in the chaotic army, and there were still many deserters. It was difficult to pursue them." "Said zhang liao.

"Why?" "Said aguri, looking pale.Yue shi, tu each add the Wolf qiang now, han people in step by step annex these big tribes, establish their own forces in the grasslands.Some headache knead temple, some reason not clear what happened after all, oneself seem to have missed what?ons经历|




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