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遍地狼烟电影简介|郦志隆降压表销售点"Master, I..." Li Kanwen speech, a change in complexion, want to say what, but see Korea hence has taken Liang Xing, meet when the old king away, a face immediately rose red."Who said it was only eighty thousand?" Han Sui laughed and said, "Our military forces of the Qiang people are unwilling to fight against the Horses, but they are not unable to fight against Lyu3 bu4. I have ordered Cheng Yin to send 30,000 Qiang troops to attack the North."

"Why are you running? Why are you running?" Korea hence fell on horseback, crazy roared in the heart, he knew that d can never bring too many people, with their forces now, not necessarily without the force of the first world war, just a few times want to le into the horse, and d fight to the death, but still can't make the determination, or don't have the courage.After more than an hour 's detour, Just arrived at his destination, A fortress, or village, sits among the mountains, Style unique wood seems to surround, countless qiang people are not afraid of life, there is no central plains strict level, most curious to lyu3 bu4 line, many people greet the woman, although with a mask, can't see what expression the woman is at the moment, but lyu3 bu4 can clearly feel, at present the woman in the qiang people, have a high prestige.Chen Qun-wen said with a wry smile, "It's true that the Duke of Tsao is not hiding anything from us. I'm afraid he can't get enough hay to redeem us."遍地狼烟电影简介|

遍地狼烟电影简介|"What is nameless?" Seibel coldly way: "master is general west, holding festival guanzhong, west cool place, Korea hence did not get the general mansion command, without permission to attack and kill colleagues, is unforgivable sin, when the troops for it!"After a few days of trimming, Korea hence again to the north county and stability county a lead soldiers, this time, Korea hence will mainly concentrate on the north county side, for zhang liao, seibel, Korea hence can safely use qiang people and don't have to worry about their defection.

With lyu3 bu4 commanded, thousands of cold arrow cluster soared into the sky, gathered into a dense rain of arrows, dark toward the unarmed huns, less than a quarter of an hour, hundreds of huns although trying to impact, just haven't been able to rush to the front, then died under the cluster of arrows, no life."Unfortunately, he didn't calculate that marten will be so stupid, unexpectedly credulous to me, make liangzhou situation is not as chaotic as he imagined, instead of horse home was killed by us, d now like a lost dog, ha ha." Thought of lyu3 bu4 this series of actions, but finally completed their own domination of the west cool, Korea hence there is a kind of impulse to want to laugh."Of course." Lyu3 bu4 nodded: "Baishui qiang can enjoy the same status as the han people, naturally also want to carry out the same obligations, Baishui qiang's army must listen to the general mansion, of course, pay and all kinds of treatment, will also be the same as the han people."遍地狼烟电影简介|




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