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优选法平话及其补充刘一手鹿油丰胸膏"Cloud long nothing good, the city's situation, I have heard, can't blame you." < / p > < p > liu bei sighed, in addition to guan yu this one horse, the other soldiers who attacked the city wall were driven down, guan yu shangcheng is the earliest, but has been fighting until mingjin retreat, guan yu really tried.What a ferocious woman."What orders, Sir?" The steward looked with some trepidation at the disfigured dog

'but you'll hate me, won't you? Lyu3 bu4 lengly way."Generals, it seems, have no intention of killing me now. I wonder who is in charge of this battalion at this moment?" Pang tong smiled and looked at the generals, automatically removing liu优选法平话及其补充"Maybe people don't know, liu DHS general little profit, if in the guanzhong family, even with liu DHS general housework, but do a lot of money, a year can earn, as long as I have the guanzhong banner issued by the government, the silk road, is the most wicked thief to also want to stay at a respectful distance from sb, profits can at least double, and there is no need to secretly Pang tong smiled and quantified the profits.

优选法平话及其补充"If shi yuan is alone, I'm not worried." Zhuge liang nodded approvingly, which was also the strategy he planned to use, but this time, he did not have much confidence: "shi yuan is stronger than military strategy, ingenuity, proficient in shu shu, but dissocial, rebellious and rebellious, if he alone, it is not difficult to deal with."Well!""General, we did it!" "Snapped one of the generals.

"Mengda ~!Not waiting for liu zhang response, with two guards rushed out to meet liuLangzhong, shu army battalion.优选法平话及其补充




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