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保卫破浪号|餐巾纸机器"Yes, brother, I don't talk head office?" Zhang fei grumbled sulkily and retreated behind guan yu."Zi Ming." Zhou yu turned to lv meng and said, "if we really join forces with the princes of the central plains, how can we attack lv bu?"

"Why is the general coming back now?" The gate of the garrison to see the other side's flag and armor, slightly relieved, waved, motioned to the soldiers open the gate.Now some in the past five years, zhou yu in the five years continuously find jiangxia defences, unfortunately, have not been able to succeed, liu bei although go, but stay to Chen is very severe, the Jiang Xiafang way too tight, although the war is not jiangdong water army, but on shore, jiangdong water army some stalls, in response, zhou yu is helpless, land combat effectiveness has been Jiang Dongjun short board, also only wimer south is responsible for putting down the foot soldiers of the strong some, but the army will not light, wood SangTun now in the fifty thousand military forces, is already the limit, jiangdong can support but if liu always motionless jiangxia military forces, Zhou yu's idea of taking jingzhou into the chaos became a piece of paper."Fifty thousand?" CAI smell speech, a few spasm, chests are a nameless anger rises suddenly, when liu bei in jingzhou isolated, will shut down Chen, however, less than two thousand, but as the war in luoyang, be liu2 bei4 captures the thirty thousand troops, and station troops in nanyang, let liu bei to nanyang, jiangxia control in the hands of all forces, by now, liu bei to unexpectedly in the north rejected lyu3 bu4, south from jiangdong, also to bring out the fifty thousand troops, the military forces, there is a big part of what was supposed to be his CAI, are now help Liu Beilai xiangyang, the CAI in the heart of a fire the opening of the involuntary ignorance.保卫破浪号|"It's xia houyuan! Take back a thousand li mirror, zhang liao hey smile way: "some years have not seen, now meet, is also fate!"

保卫破浪号|"It seems that these two people have been wary of the Lord, even against the will of sun quan!" "Chen gong frowned."What is it? Chen deng stopped Chen GUI's anger and said to the girl, "speak clearly."Lyu3 bu4 is actually very hopes of a peaceful solution to the central plains, unify, is that for the central plains people, is definitely a great news, but now, the original idea or some take it for granted, lyu3 bu4 side while improving the position of vendors, but in warfare, but is still predominantly agricultural, and unable to unrest in its basic economic penetration way, in this case, to unify the central plains, in the end still can't avoid the first world war.

"No thanks." Lv bu sat up straight and looked at Yang fu: "yi shan, today I was in the ground but see you, you side of the two young people, is it jiangdong emissary?"In the shook his head, obviously, this is a beautiful misunderstanding, he wish the other JianCu ran out, but before he see clearly in the DiaoDou, righteousness from horseback, charming but quiver hung a big pack, let alone the river, gan ning is that taking the boat to deliver JianCu, few time, how could an arrow light?The thick rain of arrows roared by, the shield on the front row was filled with arrows in an instant, the wooden shield in the hand was destroyed in an instant, being shot by the bolt that followed.保卫破浪号|





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