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孙玙倩|密润佳人"Little general, something is wrong!" Ezra pound on horseback to d side, eyes staring at the front of the city more and more clearly.As for lyu3 bu4, just arrived in changan, and now the west cool there is not peaceful, Korea hence killed marten, occupied the west cool, lyu3 bu4 I'm afraid is a headache against Korea hence, it is impossible to draw energy to run here to make waves, instead of the jiangdong bully most let cao cao headache.Zhang Wenxian don't mention him, HuangPu Song is the famous general in the late Eastern Han Dynasty, one of the main force of the battle of the yellow turban, even cao cao, lombardi these people have been working under its command, dong zhuo early years is also a name to move west cool, but later power day heavy, abandoned martial arts, as for sun chien need not mention, has been considered a historical star.

"Only in this way can that sincerity of our army be manifest." Zhong yao laughed."Pound!?" Burn when the old king smell speech frightened, pound but horse home, prestige among the qiang people, at the moment saw pound to kill, burn when the old king's face gray, fled with QinWei hurriedly."Kill them?" Lyu3 bu4 helplessly looked at him, shook his head and said: "Who will tell d hay gone? This news, how to walk to d army?"孙玙倩|"Big brother, really come out! Lead the team, unexpectedly is Korea hence!?" Dark, ma dai excitedly came to d side.

孙玙倩|Marotta speechless.A large number of herdsmen hurriedly took off the bow and arrow, quickly assembled, melodious trumpet sound spread far in the vast grasslands, hundreds of herdsmen looked nervously at the distant horizon, slowly raised a red flag, the flying flag in the wind agitated, gradually become apparent.When hutch springs led the defeated army back to the city of millet, also regardless of the rear and their own troops, hurriedly ordered people to close the gates, rally all the huns soldiers guarding the city, after the first world war, he was lyu3 bu4 killed afraid.

"Roar ~" d is like a wounded grey wolf, roar up to the sky, voice with anger, hatred, and thick kill straight through the sky, make the defenders of the city each discolored."This wei also seriously careful, if I really killed this person, even if he turned his head will be loyal to lyu3 bu4." Zhong yao whispered a sneer, turned his head to look at Li Bao, waved, motioned for two soldiers to loosen Li Bao, smiled and walked over to help Li Bao up: "General don't blame, concerning the lives of the armed forces, the officer had to act cautiously, before the words, are uttered to try."孙玙倩|




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