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林志玲的声音|世杰三轮车"Alas ~" look at three people to leave, Chen qun sighed tone, walking toward the direction of the goose pavilion and go."Kong Ming and shi yuan, are a rare talent. Xu shu nodded his head and sighed. Lu bu once said, "in this world, there is a genius.Buddhist things gave lyu3 bu4 a wake, now lyu3 bu4, schools of thought contend pattern has now, this is lu bu would like to see the scene, but too much of a good thing in all things, regardless of religion or school, can't from the bondage of the law, more can't enjoy any privileges, privilege can't say completely eliminate, but absolute control, the less the better, for the matter, lyu3 bu4 after return to a title of generals in ancient times mansion, dedicated to bring about some of the justice department official and giffin granted, Chen gong, falling, cao cao, etc, will be devoted to a general framework to this problem.

The strength of the chang 'an army was beyond the expectation of many people. Under the condition of occupying superior troops, the eight thousand troops in hanzhong were defeated so easily. The confidence of many hanzhong generals was shaken."But why is there no news of your frost's arrival?" Lv bu frowns way."Mediation can not, this time there are hundreds of people, went to the mediation of the army was also beaten!" The soldier bitter way, at this time Yang rencai found that the soldier's face is also green.林志玲的声音|"If I am not healthy, what shall I do?"

林志玲的声音|Small school once again a rolling wood pick open, looking at the ramshackle city gate, eyes flashing with excitement light, although the army day by day, but the first power of the broken city is their own!"Your excellency! At this time, there was a sound of horses' hoofs coming from the outside, followed by a general officer who turned over and dismounted and rushed in."No need to ask?" Cao cao was very angry and smiled back. He nodded and said, "ok, don't ask me.

CAI shi came to CAI MAO side, groping CAI MAO's cheek, the voice softened some, but the words in the chill, but chilling: "you should know, in this city, there has been an affair with liu bei."Sure enough! Looking at the pigeon legs tied to the bamboo tube, xia houyuan from the inside out a note, sneer, the note will be opened."Send someone to find out!" At this moment, zhang lu also ignored many, looking at Yang bo, Yang ang brothers, shen said: "two generals quickly to mobilize troops, early tomorrow morning, send troops yangpingguan, yangpingguan will be taken back.林志玲的声音|




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