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培查雅 朝哇里|石家庄黄页At that time, the gate of ye city was wide open. Zhang liao and his troops came out and shot a round of arrows into the air across the fortification. The archers on the other side of the fortification suffered a devastating blow.< / p > < p > the next morning, xia houyuan took liu ye to zhang liao's fortifys outside, under the command of liu ye, small groups of troops into a number of scattered assault, the camp to lure the god of war crossbow arrows, test the maximum range of the giant crossbow, leaving dozens of bodies, only quietly returned to the city.Liu didn't speak, but took a pen on paper drawing, long sighs: "the furthest out of the blue car is projectile three hundred steps of our army, is set up TuTai, most also however three hundred and sixty steps, far less than the enemy giant crossbow, and want to build in the enemy giant crossbow cover TuTai extremely difficult, but not as good as direct step will be out of the blue car to three hundred range."

"You...... "Wei zheng glared at each other."How many did they come?" Chen qun looked at the door bo way.培查雅 朝哇里|Arrows rain did not continue to attack, britons and others very carefully will head out of the wall, but see each other again to contract formation, under the name zhang flag made back to the wall, toward Zhang Ludao: "my master a pre-announced, enemy, this is the ritual, to show our strength to make you, if you really stubborn, will direct our army siege, my general three hour time, to make the king within three hours, so you can do anything, but if three hour, make you haven't decided, our army will impose siege!"

培查雅 朝哇里|"Off!""You?" Looking up and down at the magnificent sea, the general nodded and said: "all right, let you han people know what is the real brave, take my weapon!"In the first game is between Addis and d day camp, although was the military, no more troops, but this strike this bow is game, Addis with zhaoyun married and gave birth to a son, he organized a team specifically target the bow, in changan, even can suppress the other five, six finals but it is the first time, the entire field, as the Addis, many girls, a woman screamed in excitement, for tracing the cause with gu shao rather unwell.

"Be." Xia houyuan promised to follow cao cao into the hall."The specific circumstances I don't know, just your frost before the emperor died, designated heir was expensive creams domestic nobles question origin is not pure, there was a coup, the late emperor designated heir was kicked out of the royal family, with a group of people at a place called bactria re-established a new court nobles are controlled by the government and to be your frost countries confrontation." "Said the nighthawk, bowing.This is driving people away.培查雅 朝哇里|




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