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绿色征途无胆匪类|企税通"Miss XiaGuan dare to say that, because of master liu jingzhou and even the world governors is different, he, is he a knife a gun shot down, there was not a little bit force, with the help of family and as a result, this a family, the master doesn't work there, master don't need to see anyone's face, the rule has absolute control, as long as the master in a day, harmony is cool, the western regions, hetao and bing, luoyang won't mess." Yang fu smiled sadly and said, "but it is because of this that the Lord is rejected by the whole world. CAI MAO is now in general, and even the huang family, which has always disagreed with CAI family, chose neutrality in this matter.""Well." Lv bu nodded, after all, The Times are different, artificial rubbings, and is the first time, can make so much to have been very not easy.Gao shun nodded, this period of time, he also used a lot of methods, but water war than land, this is not gao shun is good at the field, a few fierce fighting, lost a lot of hands, even the battle camp himself also failed to grab a base, unable to establish a firm foothold on the other side, water war, who enter the water who suffer.

"Hey ~" pang tong smell speech to roll roll one's eyes, at the outset oneself when the door next book zuo of time, can have no little fault, god knows lyu3 bu4 not suspicion oneself be vexed, oneself give one foot kick, another look for new personality."This...... "Yuan shang frowned slightly," the three stockade alone is not the same cost, I am afraid that even if lu bu does not make trouble, conservative estimate, it will take a month to complete, let alone if lu bu see their intention, how can they so easily completed?Outside the jingzhou camp, wei yan rode out and circled the horse in front of the camp, lang sheng said: "CAI MAO dog thief, listen to me, you and other unprovoked invasion of my territory, my master hussar riding general has been angry, limit you and so on within three days, get out of luoyang for me, otherwise, after three days, is such as you and so on buried time!"绿色征途无胆匪类|Lombardi... Are you dying?

绿色征途无胆匪类|CAI MAO wen yan hurriedly looked at both sides, but see ma chao's cavalry cruising in the side, the direction of the camp eye covily, if at this time, I am afraid both sides of the cavalry will immediately kill.Guan hai's throat stirred twice and a calm look appeared on his face. Lu fang could not help crying."Wonderful!" < / p > < p > yuan xi eyes a bright, nodding praise, immediately ordered people to organize the archer.

When cao cao saw guo jia's body, the moment froze in place, gawking at guo jia's body.But the war had reached such a point that even if yuan tan and yuan shang wanted to stop fighting, they could not stop."Lyu3 bu4! ? Did he come himself?" Yuan shang surprised looked at zhang he, these two words, but have special magic power in the north, this moment, yuan shang suddenly matchless miss yuan shao, only really oneself personally picked the girder, he just can more clearly feel, in the past for his father covered up how many wind and rain, assumed how much pressure.绿色征途无胆匪类|




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