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北京套现|帮兴Right now on the map, with the center of the millet, is great huns occupied land, contains almost three 5 of hetao, left, is tu, zero, moon people first, qiang and Qin Hu Wolf, at first glance, all the land of the xiongnu, but in fact, after last year's fiasco, huns occupied territory has shrunk dramatically, Qin Hu occupies the chicken abatis, former xiongnu five, now has become history, and then the Wolf qiang, tu, moon people and zero in the past a first winter, will own occupation area expanded many, now of the huns occupied territory, has less than half, more importantly, If the first zero and qin hu also turned to lu bu, lu bu on the huns of the encircling potential became!"It's getting late. Go back and rest." Lv bu supported sable cicada, looked at the sky.The sky do not know when the dark down, a lightning across the sky, let heaven and earth appear at the moment of pale.

"General! About to act, ma chao, ma dai and north palace from appear in the account, three people face still with a few haggard color, but at this time three people are emitting a surprising war.It was still an embryonic business, but it brought considerable profits without affecting people's hearts and minds, and even drove more people to guanzhong."General, he wants to fight the general, to let the Lord come out and compete with him." "Said the general.北京套现|Hearing this, zhang liao and li ru looked at each other and shook their heads with a bitter smile. Li ru's heart stirred and he looked at li kan and said, "that is to say, there are still 40,000 qiang troops under han sui?"

北京套现|"Be." < / p > < p > lu lingqi reluctantly gave up the entanglement, pang tong and wen pin to zhou cang, a group of people is almost zhou cang see pressure over the wu pass."Oh?" Looking at the castellan, general excited way: "to send troops?""Send people to linrong, announced to the whole hetao, my yue clan, unconditional support for flying general, willing to fly general effectiveness. After a long time, the king of yue family only slowly sinks down the heart to be born, after long sigh tone, bitter way.

In his hind hind, the 2 qiao that fall to be graceful and graceful also is the vision is blurred look at all these, Yang xi sits boldly on lyu3 bu4's leg.Lu bu nodded, lu jia ding, this is a happy event, but let the whole chang 'an storm, a succession of killings, the calculation, the child can be born alive is not easy."Why?" "Said aguri, looking pale.北京套现|




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