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捧腹网每日动漫全集|八味百痔灵"It was lv bu's army situation in guanzhong who cao sakong was thinking about! Now, after years of recuperation and recuperation, guanzhong has received barbarians from all over the world, with a growing population and a growing military force. Although your majesty is the son of heaven, he is now regarded as a tiger by jiang dongsun in the south."Chief, the letter has been sent." < / p > < p > return to the wild goose pavilion, the nightingale holding the window bar, silently looking at Chen qun left the figure, is still a veil to cover the face, a pair of eyes to give a person a kind of cold feeling, behind her, the xu niang should be the procuress at the moment but respectfully standing behind the nightingale."Well!" Horse tie excitedly embrace fist promise 1, this be his first time alone lead an army.

Although pang tong voted for lu bu, many of them were helpless, but the fact had already been formed. The pang family in jingzhou was greatly affected, for example, his cousin pang shan was reduced to the master, and there were many sons of the pang family who were also suppressed in jingzhou."Oh?" Liu2 bi2 wen2 yan exultation, see to zhuge liang way: "Sir Have any clever plan?""Your ladyship is very grateful not to scold me." Lu bu joked, trying to keep the atmosphere relaxed.捧腹网每日动漫全集|"It's a pity that the fertile land of jingxiang should suffer from war!" Pang tong sighed with an ugly face. Since he chose to assist lv bu, he naturally did not want jingxiang to experience too much war. If he could peacefully surrender himself, it would be the best.

捧腹网每日动漫全集|"Boom -""So jingzhou is in chaos?" Cao cao smell speech, frowned up: "just choose at this time!""This is kongming in to you I show affection, will conquer the power of xiangyang, give you I, also be to send you my one favor." Kuai yue smiled and said, "as for how to do it, I don't want to teach you."

"Return host, GUI shuang country experienced a coup a year ago, the country is very chaotic, so called emissary, I am afraid is not the imperial court sent." "The nighthawk bowed."Quick, smoke out!" < / p > < p > zhao DE's face suddenly changed, ye city is a border border town, now encounter an attack, jizhou garrison general xia houyuan will not sit idly by, but the other side of this action, obviously with the intention of attracting xia houyuan to attack, from the beginning, ye city is the other side threw a bait, zhao DE naturally can not let them do."Rumble ~" is a series of crash sound, at least three city charging car hit the city gate at the same time, the defenders of the city can even hear the gate began to crack, issued a cacophony of sound.捧腹网每日动漫全集|





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