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novus aeterno|深圳黄页大全"Which soldier is it?" Liu bei wen speech, frown a way.Liu2 bei4 in the heart, already had learn lv bu similar, deal with old family!"I'm afraid what these generals are saying is true." Deng xian frowned. "ling bao I'm afraid... "

The middle-aged man was zhou an. His relationship with zhou yu was just like that of huang gai, cheng pu, han dang and sun quan. He almost watched zhou yu grow up.Lv meng is helpless, the preparation, the ship is actually to put it bluntly, are converted the boat, a ship can carry five people, but even if it is only the boat, as long as the silk road across the people who are not blind, it is impossible to see, the truth, zhou yu could not understand, but zhou yu so betting, lv meng was not good.< / p > < p > "Lord, tiger prison to report, cao gaozao hung without battle CARDS, but in the camp began to reinforce the camp, general gao shun several attacks failed to break. Luoyang, the hussar riding hall, xu shu will be a war report to lv bu.novus aeterno|"Do it. After this, I'll promote you to yizhou." Patting meng da on the shoulder, liu zhang said happily, not noticing meng da's strange face.

novus aeterno|Face jun this deadly game, tactics is useless talk, more arrows from the wall of the constraints, can no longer as before in coverage, only single crossbows, even crossbows and crossbow to overlay the jun shoot, but it is so, after jun also cost hundreds of thousands of casualties, just touch the wall.On the river, as if suddenly placed in the endless nothingness, in addition to the boat row across the river produced the sound, the river, as silent as death."Good!" The cheers of cao cao broke the short silence. Cao cao loved a fierce general most all his life. Looking at huang zhong, cao cao said with a smile, "there was an old one named lian Po who was still able to fight for food even though he was seventy years old.

"What is it? Lv bu turned around, but see lv zheng a face helpless looking at the hands of the half-shot, but before the words of lu bu, unconsciously the strength with big, directly his wooden gun to bullet broken.Beacon tower, issued a sulk, several soldiers are chatting face can not help a change, immediately alert up, one of them directly picked the torch, the torch on the prepared firewood above, look at others, nod, as long as there is a change, immediately lit beacon.novus aeterno|




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