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储乔|大国医骨痛双贴Just like at present, five tribal alliances, if in the central plains, let alone five, is two alliances, there will be loopholes, but lyu3 bu4 looked here for a long time, but did not find obvious loopholes, even patrol scouts, also arranged in place."Stephen, are you going to war with me?" Qifu goyang ugly with the men out, looking at step root behind a dark fighter, cold road."Yes!" Step root promised, will leave.

Pass, empty can not see half a person, the air between the faint, filled with a bloody smell, born in the grasslands, such a taste for them, too sensitive."Really?" Step up to root played a ha ha: "you believe it or not, if you do not apologize for what just said, today you all these ministries, will explain here!"Lyu3 bu4 silence for a moment, sink a track: "please khan mourning, step root treat me like a brother, if not for his day don't care about mo postscript tribe, perhaps I temuzhen already died, if khan can trust me, would like to rate military forces, step root revenge!"储乔|Military forces are not much, only ten thousand people, are when the initial degree of root left military forces, later by coby can be collected, lyu3 bu4 after the invasion of the camp, these people back to come over, now, is lyu3 bu4's soldiers.

储乔|Arm a hemp, copper rod almost off, but not, He Yi looked at the general in front of him in horror, but saw a member of the young general in the hands of a point gun after picking open his copper rod, backhand then stab, instantly pick open He Yi's throat.He Yi swept the two Yuan Jun away with a stick, turned his head and roared, "The gate is still open!"

Wei yan a sharp drink, account pawn quickly out of the battle, quickly back to wei yan back to reopen the formation."Here!" Jiang Ji promised to 1, go to command.TaBaJi powder and Murong GUI smell speech, at the same time step forward, hand way: "I am willing to accompany Timuzhen adults together."储乔|




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