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秦俊杰杨紫公开恋情|脑佳佳After so many iterations, Two people finally helplessly found that, The so-called conspiracy, It's kind of bullshit in this situation, Finally honestly returned to the most fundamental battlefield, Then a new round of fighting began, Zhuge liang put out eight arrays, pang tong to river tuoluo book, set up a return to hiding array, zhuge liang is superior to the array, and pang tong is weak, but it is not difficult to break the array, again to draw, but let the method of watching is amazing to the ability of two people, nearly two hundred thousand troops, in the hands of two people are about to play and flowers."Will see at the end of the general!" Ezra pound and blanc said hello, su rong to wei, bow down."Will retire at the end of the day." Although I don't know why, but has been used to this way of saying and doing things, zhuge liang also dare not ask again, after saying goodbye, their retreat.

"That's not, but general zhang said before, is at the end of the will remember the south of the brute people, heard that there is a rattan armor, soaked in tung oil for many years, invulnerable, into the water is not sink, if you can have this armor to help, why fear the guanzhong crossbow?" Yan yan sighed."You are all pillar of Shu. Where do you want to go in that middle of the night?" The gate was pushed open by two powerful men, at the same time, the wall lit up a torch, accompanied by a little childish voice, lyu3 zheng in chengfang, wang yuan, guan yong, zhang hu, jiang wei, surrounded by a crowd, as if the stars appeared in ma's line of sight."I..." Zhang Fei stared, Want to speak, but this time, zhuge liang's attitude is quite resolute, seriously looked at zhang fei way: "wingde, this war is of great importance, not half a point, the pang tong, law is all wise men, each has his own strong points, and now has occupied chengdu, both troops and money, are far better than me, related to the master's business, can't let them have a chance."秦俊杰杨紫公开恋情|Zhang Fei: "…"

秦俊杰杨紫公开恋情|"Guan Yu is brave and unrivalled in the world." Sun quan shook his head the two, is now his side of the only tough, less than the last resort, sun quan is not willing to send."No!" YanYan see wei troops don't advance back, then understand wei's plan, secretly scold wei cunning, hurriedly drink to stop the soldiers chasing, chasing down, is equal to be used as a target by the other side, so chasing down, I'm afraid not to close, the morale of the military forces will have to collapse."What's the matter? What's that punk Samoc doing?" Zhang fei and surprised and angry, at the moment sand mo ke five creek pretty soldiers retreated, he not only have to face the pressure of zhang ren and deng xian, wei may press up at any time.

But zhang fei excitedly led the troops to deyang, pang tong is hanging out a no-war card, guard against, don't fight with zhang fei, let zhang fei as if mou sufficient strength of punch results hit on cotton as uncomfortable, the whole person's spirits are not good.Although the families gathered together in large numbers, But these people bully ordinary people all the time, Even the general county soldiers are not as good as, and how is the guanzhong elite opponent, just a charge, was washed down, bright moonlight, ma surrounded by a group of people, was carried away by the crowd, and the rear, ma qiu also don't chase, just ordered the foot soldiers began to clear these family horses."No!" Method is voice just fell, wei yan and pang tong immediately shook his head, after all, lu zheng identity in there, if lu zheng what went wrong, even if they put zhuge liang, liu bei packed together are irreparable, had it not been for lu zheng stubbornly refused, wei yan all want to keep the elite in chengdu.秦俊杰杨紫公开恋情|




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