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凌豹姿 憨夫恶妻|曲美减肥药"A woman like you wouldn't do such a thoughtless thing, and even the bodyguards around her, including Quebec, wouldn't be able to show up at this time, but...""King, why don't we retreat? Heard that the western regions of the han people this period of time, even want to do us a disservice." A tribal leader cautiously suggested.

Another horse flashed past, The will to live made Kifu Goyang endure the pain, A slap on the ground, the whole person stood up and roared a knight on horseback, was about to get on the horse, suddenly ran a cavalry behind him, saw him will people from the horse down, angrily, a knife cut on the back of Kifu Goyang, followed by two bowl-sized horseshoes severely stepped on the back of Kifu Goyang.At this moment, kui head suddenly found, so big king's court, in addition to step root and temuzhen, oneself unexpectedly no one available!"They killed the leader. Kill him!" A few QinBing instant red eyes, Kirby can usually stay under very thick, also have to subordinate soldiers love, now see their own leader was killed in front of his eyes, red-eyed QinBing which tube you are what tribal leaders, directly picked up weapons toward TaBaJi powder and Murong GUI kill.凌豹姿 憨夫恶妻|"At least tens of thousands of military forces!"

凌豹姿 憨夫恶妻|"Meng Qi general rest assured." Giffin sink a track: "Xianbei king court civil strife, Dahisin could never sit back and watch the five tribes enter the court, Within a day or two, the army will be out, attack the king's court, I have ordered a fast horse to the western regions, notify cioffi general xianbei main force in the western regions as soon as possible, attack jinlianchuan, jinlianchuan garrison, will be used to deal with cioffi army, at that time, jinlianchuan garrison must be empty, general d can go straight to jinlianchuan, in addition... ""Remember, safety is everything!"At the same time, Murong GUI and TaBaJi powder also received the news.

Sure enough, the sound of gongs and drums soon died away.See lyu3 bu4 banned the army into the city, at the gate of a gang of soldiers finally relieved, so many people if into the city, even if lyu3 bu4 governance again strict, also inevitably conflict, lyu3 bu4 so, one to show to the people of jinyang with sincerity, two also absolutely possible conflict.A scholar will see xu togeher a blank face, can not help but dare to say: "adult and cao gong have old, why not abandon the secret?"凌豹姿 憨夫恶妻|




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