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嘟嘟传奇uo26|超声波焊接机多少钱He has a different destiny, a different life, when he needs to fight for his destiny again, not feel tired and scattered, there is only long lost blood."I don't mean to despise you, but how could general lu let miss lu come alone?" Zhaoyun said with a bitter smile.While speaking, a row of strong men appeared in the field. No one was holding a huge crossbow. When han DE saw this crossbow, his face changed involuntarily and he said, "rhubarb crossbow! ?"

Of grassroots officials, however, things come from selection of nanyang people, virtually, let lyu3 bu4 took a few minutes to enrage, anyway, this world is like this, if it is twenty years ago, the yellow turban insurrectionary mess of up, lyu3 bu4 it with curry is no different, but today, people have used the war, for these things to bear ability is also improved, at least not mess up."Wow ~"From the beginning of killing ma teng to now, it is only less than two months, but in these two months, he was like making a roller coaster, and suddenly became the ruler of the whole xiliang. He was only one step away from taking chang 'an, having guanzhong, and watching the melee among the princes of kanto.嘟嘟传奇uo26|Military actually should be separate from, that it doesn't make the heavy subordinate rights and cause some unnecessary thoughts, is qualified to act as a state secretariat of lyu3 bu4 now hand of also only palace and giffin, marotta, three, Chen Chen gong will be harmony state secretariat, changan, in charge of harmony state affairs, marotta to third for lu bu, in charge of changan academy, giffin as lyu3 bu4 strategist, naturally want to stay with lyu3 bu4 lyu3 bu4 ideas, nature is not suitable for the three people sent to in charge of liangzhou, so cool west secretariat of position can only temporarily, by zhang liao to find suitable secretariat of choice in the future, come back after need to be replaced.

嘟嘟传奇uo26|"You...... "The Wolf qiang king smell speech great anger, point to tu each wang way:" that I help yue shi wang."Somebody, send general gully out of camp." Zhang liao stood up, walked to the side of guli, patted his shoulder and said: "wait for me to say hello to general han, the day of success, zhang liao for his victory!""Not a brilliant idea." Shaking his head, han sui sighed, "lu bu is not my enemy, now lu bu is not back, zhang liao is busy to subdue qiang people, has not formed a siege of gu Tibet, I can lead the army to evacuate gu Tibet.

"Well, it's easier to calculate with a man like that." Li ru smiled a little and said, "wen yuan can ask li kan to find some people who are close to him. Don't disturb them. Find an excuse to gather these people together.Although a battle, doesn't mean anything, lyu3 bu4 could not easily will his army of thirty thousand TuGuang, but it is a battle, but to those who have just joined lyu3 bu4 tu each, zero, wolves, qiang with confidence first, after the battle, these people will like the rouzhi roamed, no longer fear the power of huns, and after this defeat, huns also psychologically gives birth to a sense of defeat."Father didn't say... "Lu lingqi looked at lu bu in surprise.嘟嘟传奇uo26|




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