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飞鹰演员表|中材科技成都Korea hence military forces after a night of high-intensity slaughter, this is sleepy, spirits early loss, at the moment the rear suddenly encountered an attack, for a while, positions were washed out of chaos, many weak-willed soldiers have begun to flee.Xu togeher smiled and said to the two humanity: "lyu3 bu4 but moss mustard, two generals brave, but master's general, this south against cao cao, no less than two generals, if the two generals went to the party, who will fight for the duke?""Marriage?" Xun yu frowned: "just master a few daughters are still young, I'm afraid..."

"Master thoughtful, Xu admired." Giffin heartily sighed, Since being caught by lyu3 bu4, Giffin most admire is not lyu3 bu4 war level, Is not the crown of the world's force, but lyu3 bu4 unique opinions on many things, these opinions sometimes seem deviant, but its roots, but not away from the road, humanity, many problems, are directed at the heart of the people, to the point, giffin is really curious, lyu3 bu4 mind how can there be so many fantastic ideas."Master! Now that these generals have agreed to surrender, why don't you take it for your own use? Or you can control the surrender." Xu Rong face a change, the drop will be the key to control the drop, if the drop killed, how to control the prisoners."Yes, the entire Central Plains circled, wasted half his life, Lien Chan even lost, but it was not really nothing." Nod, lyu3 bu4 some self-mockery.飞鹰演员表|"Korea hence old dog, where to go!" D a gun will be in front of several soldiers smashed fly, is see Korea hence surrounded by a group of people left, immediately great anger, with the army, toward Korea hence chase.

飞鹰演员表|"Kill and kill." Santa frowned, waved, was about to drive off the subordinates, suddenly turned his head to look at the subordinates: "Who killed? Tu everyone in trouble again?""Master, here is only a thousand people, not the huns main force!" Han De with men killed a circle in the camp, will ignite all camp, came to lyu3 bu4 side."Qiang ~"

"And me!" A dull, low drink, suddenly appeared a commotion behind the crowd, a burly, nine-foot-tall young man with a wild beast-like smell, expressionless came to lyu3 bu4, hand a jujube slimming, in the moonlight, with some strange smell of blood."Kill!" Behind one thousand jun bodybuilders responded with a roar, speed unexpectedly accelerated a few minutes."Poof-poof-poof ~"飞鹰演员表|




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