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啊用力点好棒好大粗|浩瀚影院Although the war horse of liu bao is not as good as the red rabbit god jun of lv bu, but after all also is the good colt that ten thousand choose one, at the moment below the urging of two people, very quickly rushed to the most front, broke away from the direction of big army toward beautiful millet to gallop and go."Brother jiangong, why did the city guard suddenly start? Is it possible that our affairs have been exposed?" A thin old man frowned at the old man in front of him."You go and give this roasted leg of lamb to the general under han sui and give him some more wine." In the middle of the night, a drunken jun-han with a leg of lamb came to a place where some qiang people were gathered. Although there was no definite division of rank, it was an unwritten rule that the ranks of the soldiers were generally inferior to those of the veterans.

"This is... An order to ride an hussar?" Hand was immediately a change, it is to a title of generals in ancient times the lyu3 bu4 private production, a title of generals in ancient times to the existence of lu bu, and only a few of sealing the general of a general and the chang 'an sentinels and know that it doesn't make any sense in front of ordinary people, but for the man who knows the gold MEDALS, a title of generals in ancient times makes a anyone see that such as lu bu, must be unconditional."Kill! Kill! Kill!" < / p > < p > more than a thousand han soldiers raised the hands of the weapons, originally because of the heavy rain and low morale, at this moment again high, yue shi people also silently raised the weapons.And women general of Yang family in folklore, ha ha, DaSong himself did not have the evil of his military commanders, forced under, to make women headed, reflect is big in the song dynasty was weak, has reached the point where they need to defend a group of women, lyu3 bu4 under his leading, why her daughter ran out to fight? What father in the world would want his daughter to go to war? Although the soul replaced the original owner, but that has been engraved into the bones of affection has inherited, how could lv bu have the heart to let his daughter go into battle to fight?啊用力点好棒好大粗|General door tiger female, lv lingqi recognizes this white horse naturally is the good foal that sees rarely, see happy under, take a person to catch up with, want to catch up this rare BMW, although her catching fire is good also, it is lv bute chooses, not as bad as white dragon, but as a military officer, who can doubt too much a BMW?

啊用力点好棒好大粗|No general, however formidable, could have been defeated in a battle with his own strength, and the battle would not have been so easy had it not been for the fact that the main body had been beaten by the hussars."Master, your weapon is ready." When two people talk, two tiger bear waist blacksmith panting thick air, carrying a big one of the square painting halberd came to lu bu side.Zhang liao did not bother to complain about ma chao's rude behavior. After dressing up, he immediately sent someone to invite li ru to come over and explained han sui's strange behavior.

, as for the artisan camp began, months before the attack on the big break Korea fiercely rhubarb crossbows, is sent out from here, there is a title of generals in ancient times the armor of camp armor, that's a lot of envy to general equipment, in addition the windmill, the plow, a steady stream of some to improve the efficiency of farming tools were made to, or sold, or as a reward into the folk, this year has no effect, because of artisan camp set up too late, these tools to send out, basically is the autumn harvest season, but next year should play a role, as to how much, no specific reference, all want to out of thin air, they also could not give an accurate answer, We won't know until next year's harvest.Lu bu grew up in the state of the first half of his life is almost stepping on the bodies of xiongnu, xianbei people came over, for xiongnu language is not strange.< / p > < p > thousands of miles away from cao cao how to talk about himself, lu bu will not know, not boring to care about this kind of thing, after arriving at gu Tibet with ma chao, lu bu will directly let people to burn the ultimatum, or war, or health, looking at do.啊用力点好棒好大粗|




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