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同城交友haobc|蒲城县学生资助网"Guan yu I an arrow, but I had done my best, the arrow can't hurt bones and muscles, can't give him a chance to recover, male seedlings, you hurry to urge tracing the cause of general, let him quickly sent troops to catch and kill guan yu, I'll take people out of the city challenge, frustrate jingzhou army spirit, call him not good again!" Tardif excitedly pulled HeQi way."Kongming if want to come to Deyang overnight, that is very good, you and I have not seen for many years, just hold candle night talk. Pang tong eyes a bright, a face of happy way.Seems to see the worry of guan yu, tardif will carve bow to horseback a hang, pick off the crescent halberd, clap horse to meet guan yu, hand crescent halberd across a strange arc, split to guan yu.

"I have given up my men once, must not give up again, otherwise, in the future, and what face to see those who died for me!" Guan Yu said this firmly, looking coldly at tardif closer and closer, snapped: "soldiers, all stand up for me, we are soldiers, behind the scars, is a disgrace to the soldiers!""Hmm?" Wang Shuang's eyes were cold and he waved, "Kill!""General lee is shu general, the prestige of the army is not under the zhang ren, now lyu3 zheng into shu, zhang ren, the chengdu ShouJiang, should have been by general lee to serve, but now, but brought a strange king double pressure on the general head, the general really willing?" West camp, ma sit on the guest seat, cool way.同城交友haobc|"The heart of the little man!" Pang tong depressed waved, the rear left less than one hundred steps wei yan said, also can only continue to retreat.

同城交友haobc|"Don't you get it?" Lv Zheng looked at Ma Su: "Know yourself and your enemy, 100 battles will not be lost, my father set up the information system, all over the world, since this Shu is already the land of my Lv family, that happened here, it is difficult to hide from my ears and eyes, do not know what your opponent has the ability, dare to act rashly, this defeat!"Wei Yanwen speech, the corner of his mouth twitched, This is due to information inequalities, Zhuge liang mastered the world intelligence, from the whole situation of jingzhou and shu, even jiangdong, and zhuge liang only focus on shu, information asymmetry, grasp the key points are different, pang tong to destroy the vitality of jingzhou army, and zhuge liang is to attack the city as soon as possible, take shu to lay a stable rear for liu bei."Kongming, you're not kind, I came with sincerity, but you brought so many people." Pang tong shaking his head sighed, looking at zhuge liang some despise way.

The shrill screams and the roar of the sky were gradually overshadowed, Zhang fei took time to take a look, but see in his fight with wei this dozens of time, jingzhou army has been defeated, the reason is not collapsed, not because of jingzhou army quality is high, can die not to retreat, but the other side of the army seems to have a kind of stickiness, will not be a lot of soldiers card owners, forward and backward."Who dares to move!" Male broad sea suddenly stunned, hand cooked copper stick to the ground."General, how to do?" Outside the city of nanyang, pound camp, a new round of loss ratio sent up, although most of the dead are mercenaries in the western regions, but even with human life to add, such a long distance, and li yan or layer upon layer of defense tactics, put thirty thousand mercenaries in the western regions, all can't add to the city of nanyang.同城交友haobc|




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