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黄文|必力吉怎么样This period of time, seibel've been thinking about how to break the enemy, strengthen their water army war ability, the training is obviously not possible, not so long to prepare seibel, so seibel had to change the way of thinking, to find a way to circumvent their short board in war, before and at the front back river sailors said waiting for January, can cross the river, wake up seibel, the ice, so the whole river as the land, though it's not that big skill, but he has hundreds of ships, if, a joint of connection into a giant "land", problem solved soon?But at the moment fighting has begun, even if want to retreat also can not retreat, he can only watch a famous orca fell in a pool of blood, elite especially the orca this long weapon elite, in such street fighting, really too suffer a loss.Watching the day painting ji open abdomen, all the way up, no stay, until his horse's head open, the line of sight, suddenly appeared a piece of red blood, hammer with inertia or hit bottom go to, have no the lyu3 bu4, line of sight, thinking back to normal state, xu chu pole-axed (sitting on a horse, horse has no sound, maintaining a state of Mercedes after several steps forward, abrupt, in around jun screams of terror, mounted on horses along with xu chu whole body split from the middle, into four pieces, sprinkle blood mixed with internal explosion.

Lv bu yi le war horse, red rabbit iron hoofs fly up, two rushed to block the wu will be directly red rabbit kick fly up, lu bu will square day painting halberd a jilt, instant in the crowd empty one, again to the direction of the handsome flag ran away.Li shuxiang's face was black, but she did not move."More xi, take people to bring back the son and the body." Cao cao did not imagine the excitement and anger, voice, tone are very calm, but familiar with cao cao but know that this is really angry.黄文|Jizhou elite can be exhausted in this battle, before, big han family to jizhou, yingchuan, jingzhou three most powerful, guo jia this flood, jizhou family decline, but it is an indisputable fact, blame who? Lu bu? Cao cao? Or the late yuan shang, the former economic, military and political center of yecheng established by yuan shao, who has now become a dead city, no matter how noble your status, under the flood.

黄文|"Go easy, uncle." < / p > < p > liu qi personally with Chen, guan ping will liu bei three brothers sent out of the camp, with three thousand men and horses left.Hanyoung marksmanship, freaky prospective, with a strange strength, often after a spear out, not only can not solve, it will be hanyoung will play back strength, by means of singular let zhang liao is very afflictive, compared to zhaoyun, this old marksmanship is almost into strength, even after feeling, even lyu3 bu4, sheet is martial arts, all is not necessarily the old rivals, but but also for the hanyoung, four two dial one thousand jins should have four, zhang liao is lyu3 bu4 to strengthen a two times, strength, is close to the body constitution limit, low especially in marksmanship, with a war decisive qi, and martial arts power is also quite good, is good at the beginning, But after a long time, some can not bear.

What's more, it is liu guan zhang this kind of one heart wants to do a career to be met with a wall again and again however, the person that half lives, no matter be liu bei or guan zhang at the moment 2 will even liu bei hand a few member wu jiang come to listen to the news that two many months come from the front line, although do not say, but in the heart face is like ant to climb however same.Lyu3 bu4 understaffed, before zhang liao could only part-time west cool secretariat of job now with eyre, henton, zhao cen, WeiKang these do have the ability to join, lyu3 bu4, step by step, will separate military and political power will also limit up step by step, not distrust, but a force if you want to healthy development, and subordinate rights that cannot be too much inflation, military, firmly grasp in their own hands.A few figure shine out from the jungle, fall before lv bu body, bow body way: "see Lord."黄文|




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