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关中刀客之鹞子龙五正大饲料价格Han sui know machine way: "I would like to follow khan, a total of broken king's court.""Step to the root, to assemble the troops, if these beggars dare to mess around, then let them stay here forever!" Kui head stuffy hum 1, ten thousand people, has been able to raid the king's court, you know the king's court of kui head although claimed to be the lord of xianbei, but actually has an army of more than fifty thousand people, but also distributed in the tribes around the king's court, the king's court standing army, also only ten thousand people."Master rest assured, sentence suddenly remember!" Sentence suddenly bowed down.

Compared with the conference semifinals such a camp, at that time the joint venture uneven don't say, each other also have ghosts, each other stumbling block, and xianbei people side, even if there are contradictions in their own private, also won't take the overall interests to joke, they may not know how much the word survival, but they really understand the true meaning of the two words."Go? Where to?" Pang tong looked at zhaoyun, strange way.Sure enough, as d withdrew troops ten miles down the village, but three days, falling in grant got the news that he felt desperate, lyu3 bu4 pro ma bu army seventy thousand south, at the same time, guandu defeat also spread to bing.关中刀客之鹞子龙五

关中刀客之鹞子龙五With such a mind, match let a person overnight fast horse will send letters to the front, oneself continue to complete the point of the rations."No, there's an ambush!" Chen xing finally react at the moment, while waving a pike, dialing the arrow cluster, while with military forces to retreat outside the city, just this moment of kung fu, has a lot of people in the arrow fell to the ground, Chen xing also regardless of the casualties of the soldiers, flattery to retreat outside the city."Then try me or not!" Step root sneer at raised his hand, behind ten thousand king court guard quickly bow and arrow.

"Khan!" In the king's tent, lyu3 bu4 did not care about the snub of kui head, see banquet almost, just look to kui head way: "I have a question.""Hum!" See wei kill, Chen Xingfei horse ran to wei, coss eyes flashed a wiper machine, take off the bow, draw a carving plume from the arrow bag, slowly pull the bowstring, until the bowstring was pulled to the extreme, suddenly let go.关中刀客之鹞子龙五




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