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张纪中西游记演员表|微信营销软件站街王This is also sun quan and all jiangdong wenwu most concerned about, if only to see the results, please lyu3 bu4, really can solve jiangdong's power, but after? Lyu3 bu4 will help you for no reason, if lyu3 bu4 really unconditional help, that instead to be careful."Military strategist, big thing, how do you so..." A general found zhuge liang look wrong, hurriedly waved, motioned to the people to stop talking, turned his head to zhuge liang.Mat Jiangcheng, Pang Tong and Wei Yan after the news of the withdrawal of troops, Zhang Fei some confusion, puzzled at Zhuge Liang way: "What do they mean?"

Chengdu, the agreed time has come, but wu jin and another battalion commander did not appear according to the agreement, ma and a family of the master at the moment can not help but some anxious."At the end of the day!" YanYan hand promised."Scholars yuan this is bad!" Zhuge Liang, with a purge of face, shook his head and said, "My lord, Uncle Liu, is a descendant of the Han clan. After the emperor's family, he is an orthodox royal family. If he is allowed to control the court, it will not be a blessing to all the people, but a blessing to all the families. It would be better for him to invest the scholar's yuan in my lord."张纪中西游记演员表|Dense hollow sound into a piece, continue to shoot at each other's rattan shield, and the damned three rattan shield, although from time to time there are pretty arrows in the army, but compared with the past mowing attacks, such sporadic damage obviously can't let wei yan satisfied.

张纪中西游记演员表|Heart warning sign of the moment, guan yu has made a subconscious evasive action, but tardif arrows too fast and too suddenly, after all, can not completely avoid, was tardif an arrow shot in the left arm, guan yu stuffy hum 1, the arrow cluster pierced into the left arm.Although the speed of the engineering battalion was fast, the trenches of nearly two hundred paces were dug for two hours."Don't chase!" Guan Yu looked at Xing Daorong to pursue tardif, cold hum 1, drink stopped Xing Daorong, looked at the direction of tardif left, turned the horse's head, sink a track: "Retreat back to camp."

"Don't worry, in addition to wang yuan, cheng fang that two, the other three have promised, tonight you just wait until we enter the city, blockade four doors, to prevent the lyu3 zheng escape." Xie Chengleng snorted."Guan Yu, if you are afraid, then suppress the war, why send out such abscesses? Only make people laugh!" Tardif put away his bow and arrow, looked at guan yu, sneer at."If I take Chengdu, the front hundreds of army is not destroyed?" Ma looked to lu zheng.张纪中西游记演员表|




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