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疑似于正录音曝光|老苗汤泡脚"So the four pillars of hebei are no longer able to use their ears? Not as old as I am?" Huang zhong sneered and looked at the high table."Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang." pound's barrage of arrows, except for a few unlucky ones, was almost always blocked by shields and crossbows.On overall planning, zhuge liang to this step, than lyu3 bu4 before a diversion, strong soldiers trapped yecheng, attracts the world attention, but surprise in hanzhong city, eventually annexed JiNa, more subtle, no HeHeZhiGong war, in the battle for JingXiang, the output is the largest zhuge liang the tongue and even from the beginning to the end, liu bei in nanyang, jiangxia forces firmly on the north and south portal, at least jiangdong didn't find the opportunity to enter, there is no use, and do not calculate surprise in hanzhong city of military forces, lyu3 bu4 also mobilized zhang liao hebei main and day by day, white horse, 3rd battalion cross the sea.

"Nervous? Lyu3 bu4 looked at half a gun in the hand of the lu zheng, frowning slightly, indeed, the fame of zhuge liang let lyu3 bu4 have some pressure, but the rest of wind waves are seen, cao cao, huck, giffin, sun ce, zhou yu and Carthage, these enjoys high reputation in the later generations together in Athens or lean, which didn't in lyu3 bu4 those eaten kui, fear is not to say."Ha ha, zhou yu's child, medium my family adviser's plan also!" In zhou an complexion mad change of the moment, a furious angry cheers, zhang fei iron tower figure appeared, around, a team of jingzhou soldiers and 500 jiangdong soldiers surrounded."Is he guan yu?" Pound lift Trinidad mirror, is to see the flag, a red face a green nylon cap, and a war shoulder green shirt, wears the chain mail, awe-inspiring in the surface such as the weight of jujube military commanders ShuaiQi, eyes a bright, immediately laughs at a way: "don't want that guan yu was so timid, and since he didn't dare to move forward, the men, forward!"疑似于正录音曝光|Ma liang nodded. That was a good excuse.

疑似于正录音曝光|"Shoot arrows! With a cold grunt, pound saw that the enemy was already within range, and immediately ordered the arrows to be fired at the ballista at a distance of nearly three hundred paces, forming a dense array of arrows towards the jingzhou army."It's easy to say, but it's not always possible." Wei yan cold hum 1: "to the end, say can't return to get us on.""General, what fire is this? I can't see how the crossbow was completely destroyed!" A lieutenant kicks the wheels of the crossbow and looks at pound in surprise. Though the crossbow is black, the frame of the crossbow has not been destroyed.

"Not really, but I'm afraid these people can't come back!"A shaft pierced his throat, and the soldier's eyes suddenly wandered."General, look." "What's that?疑似于正录音曝光|




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