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杜敏赫老公台湾渔乐Around QinBing less and less, cao peng play is also more and more urgent, wei yan is still calm to deal with cao peng more and more fierce attacks, after 30, with the last QinWei issued a desperate scream, drowned in the crowd, cao peng momentum suddenly vent."Do you really mean it?" Yang looked at giffin, sink a track.That's not the question, okay?

"Yes!" County commandant smell speech relieved, lightly relieved."Here!" Although don't understand why, but still faithfully carried out the zhong yao military orders, immediately a wave of his hand, two jun soldiers rushed in, can't help but say, will Li Bao fell to the ground.杜敏赫老公Chapter 32 ZuoXianWang

杜敏赫老公"Korea hence and I have killed my father's revenge, now white water qiang can't help me, but this hatred, must be reported, I want to lead the children in the family, and Korea hence fight to the death, if you can come back alive, this life, even as a slave, also willing to be sent." North palace from muffled track.Lombardi although some gentle, but not stupid, see two people rubbing their hands, which also don't know two people's mind, this really sent two people, even lyu3 bu4 don't want to fight can play, the moment hurriedly looked at xu togeher, motioned him to come to the rescue.

It's a little far off now, But now that the world is on the mend, approaching in that direction, Struggling for supremacy, constantly depleting the war potential of the han people, and at the same time, the alien outside the fortress is quietly growing, although with his joining, let the future of the world become elusive, but the trend of separatism has gradually become clear, china will enter a long period of warlords melee period."Yes, the entire Central Plains circled, wasted half his life, Lien Chan even lost, but it was not really nothing." Nod, lyu3 bu4 some self-mockery."Don't doubt anyone, don't doubt anyone." Lyu3 bu4 deeply looked at the direction of giffin left, his heart naturally can't completely don't worry, but time waits for me, this time, also can only boldly let go, otherwise, has been fighting with his own men, flinching, in this troubled times is easy to miss the opportunity.杜敏赫老公




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