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虹桥一姐身世曝光|圣力宝正元胶囊官网There isn't much of xuzhou, and later to changan, lyu3 bu4 performance bright eye really, but more is on its military capabilities, about this, even if you take the antipathy lyu3 bu4, also can't deny that lyu3 bu4 ability in this respect, but it's not just fighting capacity, farmland consolidation is more of a logistics, power, population and reputation, this is the form of fighting between countries, obviously the lyu3 bu4 no matter in what ways are not up to standard, the identity of the purely military commanders and been inglorious record, as scholars, how is it possible for lyu3 bu4, even pang tong temperament compared to normal counsellors, seem to be some alternative, But in the end, he was a scion.< / p > < p > zhang liao in xiliang with zhang not only to the qiang people single-handedly play, single-handedly pull, gradually began to establish the order between qiang han, while attracting more qiang domestication, hao zhao, wei yan stationed guan to, although nothing war, but the letter valley pass and wu pass for lu bu is too important, can not have a careless, also did not come back together."Not at all, except that the sovereign seems quite dissatisfied." As he spoke, zhang told the story of the camp.

"Although vice du tong Yang ding together rebel, before already died in the disorderly army." "The chief of one of the guards bowed.But tu each, zero, wolves, qiang first does not have this kind of mentality, in other words, they were huns suppressed for too long, this kind of idea, have hate never rises in your hearts, and have different idea, just under the pressure and lyu3 bu4 deterrent, just get together, temporarily, these people can hit downwind battle, but if frustrated, they perish faster than the huns.Number though not much, but the march, three hundred Biao ride who, is equipped with a saddle, stirrup, the horseshoe nail, protected by double alloy plate, internal chain mail, waist ku Tibet, hands a rhubarb crossbow with a crossbow, and spears, weapons, nearly three hundred people were armed to the teeth, single is the cost of these weapons, is sufficient to armed thousand chosen men, if is ordinary soldiers, can be armed, five thousand people, is looking at, let Chen palace and marotta feel love dearly, this also is a title of generals in ancient times the camp after officially built camp, fang show to the world for the first time, a high morale, wish immediately flew to the hetao, big kill.虹桥一姐身世曝光|It seems to be a casual move, but it also greatly enhanced the enthusiasm and loyalty of these border officers and soldiers, virtually, the centripetal force of lu bu's forces is also a kind of strengthening.

虹桥一姐身世曝光|< / p > < p > a large number of xiongnu warriors in liu bao's approval, excitedly hit the horse gallop, toward the gathering place of Wolf qiang fierce rush and go, they need to vent, clearly they are the strongest force in hetao, but do not know because of what reason, this period of time was very frustrated.The dying sima did not want to hear lu bu's words, as if the light came back, he pointed his hand at lu bu and said with a trembling voice, "though I am dead, you will be spurned by the scholars of the world and will not be accepted by the world.""Well!" < / p > < p > soldiers agreed to a direct look for a horse galloping away, zhou cang dare not delay, with the others toward the direction of xuzhou gallop and go.

"Rumble ~"After a while, mulberry with a head of hair has long, pure white, high more than a foot of eagle came to lv bu side, with some excitement of the way: "adult see, this but on the good jade claw, small person for this eagle, had far to youzhou, in the shore of the stolen."Zhou cang, take a person to return this wench to me." Lv bu black face way: "tell her, this matter, I promised!"虹桥一姐身世曝光|





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