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亚当夏娃怡情谷|三角画架< / p > < p > zhou cang, he can't really start on lu lingqi, and at this time the sky is close to the evening, really not suitable for the road, the moment do not doubt that he, under the warm hospitality of lu lingqi, settled down in the copycat, ready to take lu lingqi early tomorrow morning to return."Department of justice? Zhang, puzzled, looked at lu bu.Chapter 57 restlessness

This request is not high, the time people can eat rice, do not starve to death, lyu3 bu4 can based on this, let they also obtain certain benefits, rejecting lyu3 bu4 ill feelings and also with the autumn harvest, fade away, in the sable cicada born son, in addition to the sentinels nervous feeling city excessive, not too many feelings, but another group of people in his city, this meaning is somewhat different.The chang 'an academy, a remote compound, was now home to a dozen or so of Hanoi's leading figures.The sound of trumpets rang through the air, three hundred hussars stood in solemn silence, and from the city came the horsemen in great Numbers, massing in the open fields.It was probably because lv bu had only 300 soldiers with him, and all of them were one man and two horses under the tent. The garrison officer in the city got into his mind and opened the gate directly, bringing more than a thousand troops out towards the three hundred hussars and riding camps.亚当夏娃怡情谷|Barracks, the distance is training the foot soldiers holds sea suddenly heard the sound of the scream, the air was a change, twist a head and looked at the fire in the air passed, eyes flashing a bit, suddenly look back, look at the audience of five hundred soldiers, harsh voice way: "wearing a helmet with armour, pick up your weapons, war!"

亚当夏娃怡情谷|"How long will it take the eaglet to train to pass information to me?" Lv bu fed the baby eagle a channeling licorice, let the side of the red rabbit horse dissatisfaction played a snout, channeling licorice, but before the red rabbit for, is now a bird to go, let the red rabbit horse very unhappy.Cool lu bu is now the world of Chinese and western, hetao nor safe, as for the central plains warlord, Korea hence did not even want to think, whether lombardi or cao cao, alone the huns, will never let him, for now, it seems that also can only walk to the west, zhang ye, the silk road, west thirty six countries, to discuss with skill, not dominating the silk road, but where one party will be a problem, is also afraid of can't live?"Oh?" Lv bu surprised to see jia xu: "can get the text and such evaluation, qin hu, there are such figures?"

At the same time, a tribe of huns outside, just out of the tribe of the huns soon suddenly by three different dress, obviously not from the same group of people, one of them skillfully tied his hands and feet, a set of people took out a bag, sneaking a look at the direction of the tribes, dragging continues to roll bag and ran.'be rude to my young lady, take it away! Cang cold hum 1, before the message, saying that article is JingXiang star, although don't know how to use, but if caught, but cannot put so to run, the line of men with hired away in the direction of the new item, leaving a dead bodies, such as xiangyang loyalist found, where there is cang et al.Today since the encounter, and the opponent or hu, lu lingqi nature will not let the dead.亚当夏娃怡情谷|





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