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片山萌美番号作品封面|九制藏精"I see." Ford shook his head. "who am I... I can hardly remember myself. We have no name but only a code name. I am night huangwei, and the general can call me dead."After the end of this year, my younger brother will be eleven years old. In ancient times, ganluo was twelve years old and worded for the prime minister. Although more than eleven, but inherited lu bu and sable cicada high quality genes, lu zheng is now six feet tall, standing beside pang tong, even higher than pang tong, labial red tine is white, and lu bu is very much like their brow, but that puffed up a few minutes less domineering, much a few minutes polite, look, god light flashing, unknowingly between heart of fear.Pang tong was about to speak when the ground shook. The crowd looked up and saw a cavalry moving in this directionCame, the speed is not fast, the number of only dozens of people, but there is a face of thousands of troops galloping momentum, along the way, the people subconsciously avoid to leave.

"General zhang, how are you?" Pang tong smiled and looked at zhang ren.The rain is still under, the expected jiangdong soldiers and horses did not appear, until the clouds in the sky gradually fade away, ford relief at the same time, there is also a kind of unspoken loss, which represents this kind of fear, walking a tightrope general day will continue."Please allow me to call you master gong again." Meng da shook his head and sighed, "hasn't the Lord noticed that you have lost all your heart by now. All the people in this city are waiting for the army outside to destroy the city as soon as possible."片山萌美番号作品封面|"Shi yuan can wait and see." Fa is smiling and nodding.

片山萌美番号作品封面|Now the world is not decided, lu bu can not use all the energy in shu, and only from the central plains, it is obvious that the central plains is the best choice for lu bu next."Why did the third brother come back?" Seeing this man, zhuge liang moved and said, "but there is new information in shu?""It is general yan. When general yan heard that chengdu had been conquered, he had surrendered to jingzhou. Now he is under the command of zhuge liang, the strategist of jingzhou. Do not expect these ordinary soldiers to have much loyalty, especially in the current situation of the division of shu, as now these two scouts know deng xian, the two sides are originally fu ze, as long as caught, basically some information can be obtained.

Military people eagerly waiting for your return to give you a replacement, liu DHS is a suppress panic in my heart, it has been confirmed, but he doesn't know how to back to the army to psychological explanation, one side is your grace, one side is our brothers in arms, the king tired eyes out just hung on the door of the wangs, after confirm those things are true, he did not know how to go to milan"Zhou yu was afraid... Already dead." Giffin for zhou yu's death was not very surprised, look at lyu3 bu4 way: "sun quan was though Zhou Yuzhi help got Jiang Dongzhi main location, but also as a result, for zhou yu's own buried the curse, he was demonstrated by the influence is too big, big to as long as he have this idea, can at any time from the hands of sun quan, over here to jiangdong inheritance, this is the most fear thing is superior, sun ce has the courage and enough to rein in zhou yu, but sun quan, apparently not."Chen knew clearly what the enemy was planning. He shouted angrily, stepped on a ship and rushed towards lv meng. The moment he landed, Chen was in despair.片山萌美番号作品封面|




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