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谢文东35集北京外贸服装批发"Not now." Lv lingqi shook his head: "father said good, if so for no reason to use me as the general, will let people say that his father no one, I should first in the central plains to play their own reputation, and then lose some generals, back, father also need not be difficult.As for zhang liao's last taking over the battlefield, li ru's design was not a big deal for lv bu. As early as when lu bu was still in baishui qiang, jia xu had put forward the idea.Last year's world war I, lu bu played a brilliant maneuver, the powerful xiongnu life lost the hegemony of hetao, lu bu's name also became the taboo of hetao land, no one thought, he unexpectedly came back at this juncture.

Zhang he leaned back on his chair, which had been handed down from chang 'an. Now it was very popular in the area of hezhou. He looked ahead with fixed eyes.A han dynasty had appeared the forging technology and drawings, took two thousand achievement points on the philips master memory in the form of memory, indeed trouble, therefore lyu3 bu4 also specially to pu fostered a master, after all, this kind of weapon, in combat immediately has a very strong lethality, sharp, hard, qualitative light, the only drawback is the production, according to the pu the calculation of the master, even if the crush, day and night to the productivity of mill at present, to ensure the quality, in the coming year spring also can create one thousand, plus the stirrup, horseshoe and process more complicated the task of rhubarb crossbows, lyu3 bu4 can take three hundred next year."You threaten me? It's not up to you!" King tu stood up and his eyes grew dark.谢文东35集At the same time, a tribe of huns outside, just out of the tribe of the huns soon suddenly by three different dress, obviously not from the same group of people, one of them skillfully tied his hands and feet, a set of people took out a bag, sneaking a look at the direction of the tribes, dragging continues to roll bag and ran.

谢文东35集The snow was broken up with a strange scream, and after shooting a distance, a muffled sound mixed with screams came, which was not too far away."Ha, if all the so-called characters are like the wise and virtuous scholars under the account of the marquis of gentleness, that pang would rather be a stupid man." Pang tong's calm and waveless face, with a hint of anger, sneered.Is the man who led holds the sea, lyu3 bu4 this time not to go, perhaps those brigands, but this five hundred Biao ride who but from tens of west cool and lyu3 bu4 pick out in the army, has experienced more than ten big battle, from the battlefield to kill, the elite of the elite, are also lyu3 bu4 hands the most sophisticated armor weapon, more after lyu3 bu4 half year system training, no matter cooperate, war, or individual soldiers, absolute can in the normal force when the king of solider, such cases, and he went to when nanny, lyu3 bu4 what also need not profess that elite, home farming.

Li ru2 ni3 beard smile and say: "become or not, see a guli to burn to become how much loyalty, ma shoucheng's past experience warning in front, even earlier still have side chapter, north gong boyu, I have 70% assurance, burn to become qiang king meeting in plan, general can dare to bet with me?"At present, I have jia xu, li ru and Chen gong, all of them are first-class and even top counselors. There is no shortage of military officers, and even a law is growing up."Good!" Lu lingqi simply nodded, hailed the hands to clean up the mess, followed the direction of zhou cang toward chang 'an, not back to chang 'an, but was directly brought into the camp of lu bu.谢文东35集




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