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啊用力一点好大|半轴套管拉压机"My Lord, the mystery of death has led to this day Liu splash of a DHS, kneeling in front of milan, hoarse voice, with a shares"Well!" Two soldiers yiyan two captured scouts released.Staring at the crowd and taking a deep breath, he was about to speak when an officer of the army came in, looked at the crowd and declared, "your generals, there is an ugly man outside the camp who calls himself pang tong of guanzhong

Zhong you shook his head and said, "there is no doubt that someone deliberately took the body of liu bijun away to provoke a dispute between the two families. The Lord is right.Pang tong and law are looking at each other, the little Lord may not be as powerful as the Lord, but a small age, but has shown a number of emperor demeanor, it seems that lu bu laid the foundation, is the successor."General meng da, it is general liu who must go to see the Lord." A spy house bodyguard some grievance to look at meng da.啊用力一点好大|< / p > < p > jiangdong, chaisang camp, a group of jiangdong soldiers are patrolling the river, although zhou yu is not, but chaisang camp under the auspices of lv meng, still in good order.

啊用力一点好大|"If the general is willing, may he go with the army and pacify yizhou?" Lu zheng smiled, did not force, speak and do things, although there is dignity, but different from lu bu, let a person feel like a spring breeze."The enemy, general, has no baggage but fodder. The beasts in the camp are still intact, but the ballista are completely destroyed." The general galloped to pound and informed him of the situation in the camp. Obviously, the other side did not grasp that they could escape the pursuit of the army and horses with the baggage, so all the unnecessary burdens were left behind.

Yan yan is a star in the shu, and liu yan shu, has been moving shu, ask yourself whether art of martial arts, not how much inferior to the central plains the star, but have no chance to prove themselves struggling, zhuge liang shu this time, I thought there will be a battle, unfortunately, the chengdu incident, did not even the master, to fight, there would be no meaning, so he chose to zhuge liang.As to why separate here, but it is zhuge liang before he left he sent a letter to Chen to, as for the content of the letter, separate ever secretly open, but only very unusual entrust, did not have too much information to show, but after Chen to read the letter, just light swept separate after, tell a separate: "strategist said in the letter you wenwu, is a rare talent, being the case, then stay at jiangxia."< / p > < p > the news was quickly passed into the camp, more and more jiangdong soldiers gathered over, can not believe the fact that some have not understood the whole process of the soldiers can not believe that zhou yu has been killed.啊用力一点好大|





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