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杀无赦机战欧麦诗减肥胶囊That's true, but what is it? Tube hai don't know, also don't want to know that, he only know, this time for himself, is an opportunity, as long as the success, can bring back hundreds of thousands of people for the master, his wife and children, he tube hai this life, also not in vain."No harm." Falling in to grant silence for a moment, shook his head and said: "lyu3 bu4 this war, for the whole bing, rather than a city, will find a way to find our main force, just do a good job of combat readiness, rest and wait for lyu3 bu4 to attack."In the past, No matter what Addis did, Even in the Western Regions, He didn't even feel that way, Because even further apart, lyu3 bu4 also know, if you really want to see her daughter, at any time, but now, that kind of sudden arrival of loneliness, let lyu3 bu4 finally realized why so many fathers see son-in-law not pleasing to the eye, now lyu3 bu4 is that feeling, in addition, at this moment, he suddenly some homesick.

Qui head complexion nodded: "you and that temuzhen quite personal friends, let you go, be sure to bring him back, must not let other tribes ahead of time.""Boys and girls, continue to kill, kill all these dare to desecrate my huns warriors!" Lyu3 bu4 an arrow to kill HeGan patriarch, Although don't know each other's specific identity, but look around these he dry people panic, know he killed a big fish, heroic laughter, hand set the sky bow is as a stick to throw around, will throw up a group of he dry warriors smash fly, a rein, crotch horse long hiss, continue to run."It 's our turn to play!" Lyu3 bu4 habitually patted the head of the horse, then zheng, the horse is not red rabbit, can't communicate with him, lyu3 bu4 patted its head, but no reaction.杀无赦机战"Khan is inside, please temuzhen adult go in by himself." The maid reached for a lead, to lyu3 bu4 way.

杀无赦机战Lie in bed zhang he finally put down his mind, slept in the past, such as repeatedly, the city garrison even with the night garrison also no longer take this matter seriously, the time of the night, so in the intermittent drums and gongs."Then... who will lead the troops?" Qui-head looked at step root, and under all the leaders, asked a very critical question."Adult don't know, I and Cui E private meeting, had heard Cui E mentioned, the satrap house, there is a secret road, can go straight to the outside of the city..."

"Bang ~""General... forgive me, will also be at the end of the patronage dog thief deceived..." Wang Yong begged to look at lyu3 bu4.Giffin left Hetao early in lyu3 bu4, As you go deep into the prairie, Has begun to order people secretly in the upper reaches of the xianbei river secretly built a dam to store water, The so-called xianbei river, the Ordos River, In this era, In fact, the names are not uniform, Each family has its own name, a title of generals in ancient times under the leadership of zhang embroidery and liao hua, seclusion in the vicinity of the king's court, only lyu3 bu4 commanded, can rushed into the king's court, meet lyu3 bu4, now, the king's court is the most vulnerable, in addition to lyu3 bu4 more than three hundred QinWei, there are only one thousand people stationed everywhere.杀无赦机战




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