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100篇经典短篇小黄txt|二手泥头车"Dang dang dang ~" many soldiers caught off guard, was the axe hit on the body, the axe is different from the arrow cluster, although not willing to shoot, but the destructive force is very big, foot soldiers plate armor did not play a lot of role, many people were directly killed by the axe on the spot, see Wei Yanxin blood, but at the moment, the other side of the soldiers have arrived.It seems that fighting back to its earliest stages, After entering range, Archers on both sides began firing arrows at each other's camps, Ice-cold arrow cluster skimmed the emptiness, overwhelming fall, and blocked by rattan shield, someone in the arrow fell to the ground, screaming and rolling, around the soldiers but indifferent to walk past, without the slightest pity, see the elite crossbow formed in the clearance of the arrow array, this pure bow and arrow at this time, let a person some not to lift up.The arrival of the male broad sea, let li muddy heart can not help but sink, even if he has assembled all the men at the moment, and male broad sea behind only five hundred guanzhong soldiers, but li muddy still dare not move.

After all, is the haughty family background, also has a lot of practical experience, zhang fei quickly made adjustments, to use the length of the spear to suppress the opponent's chopping sword, but the guanzhong army armor also let zhang fei very helpless, small strength of the soldiers a shot in the past can't pierce each other's armor.Zhuge liang stood up, has been, is a row of immortal demeanor, people suddenly found at the moment, zhuge liang's back seems to stoop some, the whole person, as if an instant old ten years.Not don't want to, just when the manpower is poor, jingzhou war situation has been played to this point, he doesn't believe lyu3 bu4 will be indifferent, and pang tong even got shu, as long as strangle the main road, pang tong want to send troops from shu, into jingzhou, but also difficult.100篇经典短篇小黄txt|Will be the remnant of pretty soldiers into a team, looking for a more friendly general led with five creek pretty, zhuge liang in the third day, with a huge army came to deyang city.

100篇经典短篇小黄txt|Lyu3 bu4 under the first superstar, had fought guan yu, zhang fei, if the world superstar get a list, male broad sea can definitely rank in the top five.Blood began to diffuse in front of the barracks, imagined the situation also did not appear in the eyes of zhang fei, the guanzhong army after throwing away the crossbow, morale was not the slightest low, but exceptionally fierce, two military forces hit in one place, hidden, instead is his five thousand soldiers have been divided.More terrible is that the other side of the fighters no matter reaction speed or fierce, to jingzhou soldiers too much better, often three or five jingzhou soldiers can spell out each other, so play down, the final loss of iron is their own.

Hastily unfolded the letterhead, Just looking at it, looking at it, Liu Bei's face darkened, In his letter, Zhuge Liang did not complain that Liu Bei had rushed to war with Jiang Dong, But the cutting of Shu could not go on, Pang Tong in Shu now will be the location, people and all occupied, Not in a short time, and there was not enough hay in Jingzhou for Zhuge Liang to fight for a long time, Therefore, zhuge liang let yan yan retreat to yiling, since the army along the river, will arrive in a few days, as for jiangdong, zhuge liang told liu bei, cao cao, please fight together, and must be quick, before spring break jiangdong, zhuge liang will directly with the army of shu and guan yu."No? No way!" Pang tong shook his head: "If not, then take the opportunity to arrest him.""Scholars!" Wei yan stared at pang tong, this is when, and the mind to care about rattan shield.100篇经典短篇小黄txt|




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