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珍幼阁图片深圳3m贴膜"Kongming, what should I do now? Wei Yen's men were jammed outside the Dianjiang River. We couldn't get out at all." Zhang fei some depressed look to zhuge liang, shu road characteristics, play in difficult, play out also difficult, if zhuge liang's purpose is just to keep pad river, nature is not afraid, wei military forces in elite also so little, this pad river city don't need to leave too many defenders to hold."Take your life!" Zhang feiwen speech, mouth a grin, to zhuge liang solemnly hand fuels, led the talisman to adjust troops."Still to fight?" He Qiwen speech, can't help but startled to tardif, just now but even weapons were lost, then war, maybe life will not protect.

Wei yan and zhang fei at the same time a black face, zhuge liang shook his head, light shaking feather fan, and pang tong is generous sitting on the table and chair zhuge liang has prepared.A group of savage troops roared out of the mountains and woods, shouting weiyan don't understand the strange tune, armed with bow and arrow knife and gun, against the rattan shield toward wei.Four elite guanzhong rushed into the army, shu army is silent around, watched his master was taken away, but no one dare to resist.珍幼阁图片"Is that a way?" Pound touched his chin and nodded. "Send a few more engineering units and dig in from different directions! Fire the battalion to prepare for close combat!"

珍幼阁图片However, the Central Plains are different from other regions, the city, the terrain and the generals' quality and resilience were much better than those of the fragmented Hu tribes outside the region, Five creek pretty that leader although it seems to have no brains, but behind the zhuge liang but even pang tong to be vigilant characters, like today is a strange, if not wei yan with meter shoot sand mo ke, even if finally won, I'm afraid the loss is much greater than now.Things are also like many people imagine, lv meng in the sun quan command, with tardif, jiang qin, zhou tai, zhu ran and other jiangdong people all the way, liu bei in preparation, and lost jiangxia elite, almost lost in a row."General, trench a loss, I'm afraid the guanzhong army will siege!" A jingzhou general worried looked at the float quickly put on the trenches began to advance toward this side of the guanzhong soldiers, a face of concern.

"Even a defeated general dares to be reckless!" Guan Yong a foot kick in wu into the leg, directly into wu kicked on the ground.Zhang eight snake spear stab in wei's breastplate, but failed to stab in, wei took the opportunity to twist, snake spear with a spark, in the hands of the sword again cut to zhang fei.珍幼阁图片




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