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市川真帆|立正消痛贴"The Huns, they really dare to come!" The patriarch came out with his machete and watched the crowd gallop back and forth. The Huns of the slaughterer's own people were furious. They pulled out their machetes, waved forward, and roared, "The warriors of the cadre of Ur, kill all these Xiongnu bitches!"At the moment of leaving the gate, Zhaoyun suddenly stupefied, Stunned to see under the morning sun, Qiao stood in the morning light of the woman, no longer wearing armor, a coarse cloth stiffness, waist sword, a silver gun obliquely hung on the horse, so quietly looking at him, waist is still straight, even coarse cloth stiffness, also difficult to hide the heroic, very different from ordinary women, at the moment in the eyes of zhaoyun, is particularly moving."Step to the root, you are also a famous warrior on the prairie, if you are willing to surrender, I can not kill you!" With a wave of his hand, Kirby allowed his men to hang Budugen's army, and looked at Budugen. "You don't have a chance," he said. "This time the five tribes are going to fight you, and they've got 60,000 men, and the other two tribes are going to fight back. You can't win."

With the remnants of the military forces, coss after a little recuperation, then overnight, all the way to meng jin, tiger fastened, meng jin, anyway, have a place.Xu togeher was so anxious that he stepped forward and said, "If you don't take it today, you will be harmed by it later. Your advice will be harsh to your ears. I hope you will think about it in the third day of the month."市川真帆|After several bitter wars, the two sides temporarily entered the standoff period, but unfortunately, lombardi can afford, cao cao but with lombardi consumption, military supplies have begun to help.

市川真帆|"Bang-bang-bang ~" a pick up He Yi's corpse, XiongKuoHai rushed to the gate, the hands of the copper rod of varying degrees knocked at the gate, this is a title of generals in ancient times camp special way of transmitting information.All smell speech can not help but suddenly.As patriarch, Daesh 's new job has not been very happy lately, In order to annex the Western Regions, He sent tens of thousands of people in the Western Regions to be stationed in the cities, Step by step the western regions into their own territory, but from the beginning of this year, to a group of han Chinese, the situation began to develop in the opposite direction to Daxi Xinjue expected, a city stationed in the messengers were destroyed by the han Chinese, annexation, to date, 36 cities in the western regions, 17 cities have been annexed by the han Chinese.

Although Kirby can avoid in time, but two people shot too fast, too hard, not completely evaded, TaBaJi powder machete directly under his rib left a deep visible bone wound, hot blood constantly poured out of the wound."Roar ~" a title of generals in ancient times self-knowledge will die, immediately roar 1, also ignore those stabbed knife and gun sword ji, his face flashed a ferocious ferocious color, in the hands of the sword to sweep around with all his might."They killed the leader. Kill him!" A few QinBing instant red eyes, Kirby can usually stay under very thick, also have to subordinate soldiers love, now see their own leader was killed in front of his eyes, red-eyed QinBing which tube you are what tribal leaders, directly picked up weapons toward TaBaJi powder and Murong GUI kill.市川真帆|




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