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宋新妮前夫|汉堡加盟店有哪些Lyu3 bu4 nodded, leisurely sighed: "Those soldiers who died of the war down, after going back, I will gather their families to support, can't let these soldiers died of starvation for us orphans!" Five thousand men on the march, to now, has lost more than half, the battle, also should be over."Ka-ba ~"Looking at Han De, he said, "General Han is a native. Can you tell me where we can fight for our army?"

"Chicken Deer Stronghold?" Wang Yue-shi looked at Lu Bu in astonishment. "When is the general going to send in his troops?""Master, if these xiongnu dog first step we notify chicken luzhai early to prepare, our casualties must increase a lot? And if they will be reported to the huns king's court, the huns king's court sent troops, our army will fall into the threat of the enemy." Han De looked at lyu3 bu4, don't understand the way."At the end of the day!" Zhang he bowed to promise.宋新妮前夫|Looking around at a group of captive generals, lyu3 bu4's voice gradually turned cold, suddenly said: "these captive generals, all killed!"

宋新妮前夫|"Master mighty!" Rear, after a moment of silence, Hande suddenly roared.Is that kind of disgusting feeling, d found that lyu3 bu4 attack not only not by force, but also borrowed their own force, this time, there is a traction, if not his equestrian skills, may even be pulled off from the horse by this traction."I have seen the general." Yang wang stood up, lyu3 bu4 line of a han Chinese etiquette.

"Ha ~" Lyu3 bu4 should laugh, This is the virtue of the disciples of the family, undeniably, the family is indeed a large number of talented people, but more, it is this kind of no ability and pretentious children of the family, these people are not only the moths of the family, but also the moths of the country, because they can generally occupy a high position, the harm, far more terrible than a dandy who eats and dies.In the marquis and the QinBing urged, zhong yao finally a cruel, on horseback rushed into the river, the river is not deep, not from a happy heart, hurriedly urged horses under the fast forward.Yang Xi smell speech liu eyebrow a pick, discontented stare to male broad sea, giffin is the first step frown way: "male general, forget master came to command?"宋新妮前夫|




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