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淘宝天天特价预告|纯果肤立白If you want to imitate ford, you have to imitate the image, not the face, but a lot of information about ford."Ha ha ha ~" watching meng da a line of people leave in a blustery manner, wang tired suddenly mad Yang tian laughed"Ziyu brother ~" a middle-aged scribe some worry to look at wang tired."The consigliere is wise." Ma liang nodded with a smile.

"Not that we're breaking their back!" Zhang fei disdain way, as a general, this door he can see."The crossbowmen back, the sword and shield in front, the archers shoot with their bows!" In the face of cao's crazy attack, gao shun methodically commanded the soldiers on the city wall to fight, and let the broken crossbow into the guanzhong, put out a formation in guanzhong, across the city wall, the sword crossbow shot out of the city, leaving 12,000 people in turn to pull the crossbow, keep the broken crossbow to form a continuous attack on the cao army."If you lose, you lose. If you don't punish, where is your military power?" Guan yu muffled his voice.淘宝天天特价预告|"No... "Zhou yu said hoarsely," it was no fluke that zhuge liang was able to achieve what he has today. Zhuge liang's military strategy may not be as strong as my strategy, but when it comes to tactics, he is not lower than me.

淘宝天天特价预告|People of lv bu!"Why don't the Lord give the cavalry to the battalion? Why don't you give the cavalry to the battalion?" Chen gong frowned and said, with the new equipment, it is natural to equip the hussar riding camp first."Cloud long, don't be angry!" Cao cao quickly stood up to appease the way.

The day?Luckily, zhou yu had already sent someone to find out the water route under the water. Otherwise, in such a foggy day when the river was shrouded in fog, there would be a vast expanse of whiteness in all directions."Fifty thousand elite troops are ready to march." "Xiahou dun nodded.淘宝天天特价预告|




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