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手工在家做|雅迪燃油助力车Just don't know second younger brother in cao cao's hand how?"Yes." Zhou cang nodded and said: "the Lord said, the greater the training intensity, the more things the body needs to absorb, although I do not know what the meaning, but it is to eat well, drink well, have the strength to train.The military heart has been scattered, and as the weather is getting colder and colder, the northern soldiers have no feeling, but jingzhou soldiers obviously began to unable to adapt to the climate here, if continue to fight, will only lose worse.

"Mr. Yang needn't worry. I think he is not an unrighteous man." Zhaoyun shook his head, gan ning's ability is not weak, and more importantly, huang zu is obviously not good to gan ning, but gan ning is willing to fight for huang zu, such people, zhaoyun do not want to doubt his virtue."Well!" The home will smell speech, hurriedly promise 1, trot to leave.For other schools, it was a blessing, but for the central plains princes, it meant that a large number of talents, even the talents of Confucianism itself, would gather in luoyang.手工在家做|Jiangdong or liu table, because each other in all the year round, virtually let water army get vigorous development of both sides, any two, are capable of upstream, swept shu in the attack, with milan faint, if they had really been to open the portal in the shu water-forces, future, beat lombardi, cao cao is lu bu, but any one got shu, in the future the world series is a big trouble, it happened that lyu3 bu4 now couldn't to south, though in shu zhong yao, but the north overlord position clearly is more important, shu most also only one time, but the northern overlord position basically enough to lay the lyu3 bu4 world hegemony the status.

手工在家做|"This is jiang wei, smaller than you all, from now on you take him, forbid to bully a person, understand?" Lu bu looked at lu zheng road."I had thought that every time we lost a water war, it was because we were not able to stand still on our ships. Our ships were rocked by the current of the water. Seibel thought suddenly came out of it, in the heart the mouth sneer at 1: "can be ordered to the ship ship the quest, ten or twenty one row, middle are connected by cable, board, make it a ship, as a result, the impact of the water, not enough to make the boat sway, our army soldiers on the water, can also gets! With the width of the river, we can reach the other side only after crossing over ten zhang. We will use the big ship as a bank to attack the fords of the enemy, and we will be able to fall down in battle!""That depends on how it works." With a smile, lv bu shouted to the outside, "bring them up."

When yuan's soldiers saw the yuanmen suddenly open the door, they were slightly startled and gave out a shout to kill them into the camp. However, they heard a sharp sound of hooves. Pound had led the cavalry out of the camp."And the western regions... "Lv bu looked at Chen gong and said," I would like to enclose the western region of thirty-six states into a state."General, this... "Liu qi stared at huang zhong, only to find that this veteran's momentum, a little less than the original two will be closed.手工在家做|




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