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全城堵车永恒币"If you leave now and die of old age, I will not say a word more. But now that you have come back and stood before me today, we must continue to talk about what happened before. I don't think zilong wants people to think he's dependent on my daughter." Lv bu cold hums a way, this matter does not discuss."The Lord is right." Jia xu looked at lu bu and smiled.Yuan shang pointed to the direction east of yecheng and said, "the land here is very smooth and suitable for cavalry galloping. Under the command of lu bu, all the troops are from different ethnic groups outside the imperial fortress. They are good at riding and shooting.

"Huh?" Liu guan zhang smell speech qi qi a frown, the man speak, a woman insert what mouth?Meaning on the line, so large wealth sent out, looking at all distressed."Not good? Cao cao hesitated.全城堵车"General, the mighty sea is challenging again!" A general rushed in and looked at zhang he dao.

全城堵车"The general will be able to defeat zhang liao." Yuan xi smiled."Where can I visit a sage?" "Liu bei asked hurriedly."Wait a moment, general, I'll get the man's head!" In the crowd, wudang excitedly dragged mace out, toward han rong flying horse.

Just lv bu just ran cao cao, at the moment to see yuan tan in the chaos of the arrogant kill their soldiers, where can let him run, the red rabbit horse let go of speed, kill crazy chase.Two people can't think of, also dare not think, the situation has collapsed so far, the appearance of gao shun, bound to break the world, at the moment has their own difficult to protect, two people really don't want to think how gao shun will appear in what circumstances."All right, but remember, don't say more." Liu bei looked at zhang fei and sank his voice.全城堵车




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