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黄海炮击事件速康North handsome, who already don't know, but has been lyu3 bu4 disabled, and most importantly, the back handsome territory from the huns court, is the United States city recently, once the back handsome territory was attacked, the United States city of millet people will inevitably give birth to a sense of crisis, as long as the news back to the west cool, not afraid of the huns don't withdraw!"Not much?" Lyu3 bu4 looked at cioffi, shook his head and smiled, did not speak, in cioffi's doubtful eyes, stride to the edge of the platform, knife-like eyes skimmed over eight thousand surrender, many surrender have lowered their heads, to avoid lyu3 bu4's line of sight.And now, if said this world who can let d such characters believe? I'm afraid only lyu3 bu4 have the ability, dare to use d and don't have to worry about d rebellion.

"This..." They smell speech is not a fiercely in the heart, look at lyu3 bu4's eyes like a madman, with twenty thousand war forty thousand, can resist the enemy has reluctantly, see lyu3 bu4 meaning, unexpectedly is to annihilate forty thousand west cool army, battered marten, Korea hence, for a while, they were lyu3 bu4's words surprised."Cavalry against infantry are tied, the jun general, when it is a waste!" D eyes flashed a sneer at, sneer at a way: "Although father wants to make friends with jun now, but also can't let jun underestimate us, then defeated seibel, let jun know our ability, command to go on, the army set out tomorrow, soldiers in the locust!"黄海炮击事件Just, if that Mr. Li dare to incriminate, big deal a beat two scattered!

黄海炮击事件The first to attract d's attention, is a man in his early thirties, although a Confucian robe, but can't block the fierce spirit of that suit, look between, has its own prestige, military intuition told d, this person's strength, is by no means inferior to himself.A defender threw his weapon directly to the ground."I 'll cut off the boy' s head together!" On the tower, looking at the flagging Ma Tie, larocca eyes flashed a ferocious smile: "Soon, I will let his horse father and son reunite in the earth!"

"What shall we do now? Hanyang County?" XiongKuoHai some ignorant look to lyu3 bu4, this kind of problem, don't quite understand."Hey!" He Man dodged, hands of the copper stick directly to throw up, warrior sent out a scream, directly by He Man a stick from the horse down, step forward, a foot on the warrior's chest, backhand took each other's hand pike, turned the gun head a shot into the warrior's chest."Jump!" Hande flashed a ferocious look on his face, looking at the huns, sadly way.黄海炮击事件




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